Arming Ukraine (2022) [Documentary]… A NATO & Western Perspective


This is a CBS report where claims are made that only 30% of arms reach their intended users/destination. So where are the other 70% going? Knowing what I do about the history of Ukraine, I struggle with the narrative in this ‘documentary’

Arming Ukraine (2022) [Documentary]… A NATO & Western Perspective

At the end of this movie, a Ukrainian states that if Ukraine loses this war, it will result in a failed state which is armed to the teeth with all kinds of weapons that will ensure further chaos and bloodshed all over the world, as black market groups sell those weapons for cash, just like Afghanistan, Libya, Vietnam and many other examples.

Another thing that most people miss is that this movie was probably initially approved by the military industrial complex, because the horrendous 70 percent losses of all military aid then ‘requires’ further escalation and injection of NATO troops to ‘monitor’, ‘organize’, facilitate and ‘train’ Ukraine troops, just like in the build up in Vietnam, and many other wars that the US gradually adopted and called it’s own.

Before you know it, US troops are being deployed and are on the front lines, and are being killed.