The Death of Science and the Rebirth of Superstition

Science, real science, is dead.

So where does superstition come in? Superstition historically can be seen as the shadow of religion. Since science is now a religion (something to trust if the high priests (Fauci et al) tell us to) the response to this new religion is largely superstitious. Since science can now be created, and justified, merely through the word of a handful of authoritative figures, then the belief in it (since the new science does not have to be justified through experimentation, documentation, and debate amongst scientists) is then superstition.

How many examples can you come up with that simply defies any sort of logic or reason? I will name a few: lockdowns, masks, social distancing, segregating the unvaccinated to prevent the vaccinated from becoming infected, vaccinating 5-year-olds to prevent a disease that no one who is 5 gets, ignoring viable treatment options for Covid that actually work.

The definition for “superstition” is “a widely held but unjustified belief in supernatural causation.” In the context of this article the “supernatural causation” is the irrational and empty assumptions that people seem to think are “natural causations” — if you question these people on this point, i.e., ask them to explain why a vaccinated person needs protection from an unvaccinated person (in our rational effort to discover the “natural causation” of a scientific assumption) they will start yelling at you calling you an idiot, or a science denier, or whatever other nasty thing they wish to throw at you.

The Death of Science and the Rebirth of Superstition – OffGuardian