Beyond Meat stock plunges as Americans reject Frankenfood burgers – Dr. Eddy Bettermann MD

Beyond Meat dropped by nearly a dollar per share as they reported a net loss during the third quarter of $55 million as demand for their fake meat dwindles and higher costs eat away at profits. The stock cratered 19 percent during premarket trading on Thursday.

According to CNBC, they reported third-quarter losses of 87 cents per share, far exceeding the 39 cents per share expected by Wall Street, while revenue also fell short. They reported a fiscal third-quarter net loss of $54.8 million, which is far greater than the $19.3 million net loss reported a year earlier.

This should not come as a big surprise. Many medical experts and nutritionists have expressed concerns about the ingredients in Beyond meat and its branded burgers. It’s hard to convince people that synthetic bioengineered plant-based products are somehow better for them than a traditional 100 percent beef burger or, for those who are concerned about animal welfare, homemade burgers made with organic mushrooms, black beans or other whole foods.

One big sign that people who care about their health should want nothing to do with these products is the fact that Bill Gates is a major investor. He has said that “all rich countries should move to 100% synthetic beef,” replacing real food with highly processed food grown in a lab. Some of the burger’s ingredients include methylcellulose, potassium chloride, expeller-pressed canola oil, pea protein isolate and rice protein.

Beyond Meat stock plunges as Americans reject Frankenfood burgers – Dr. Eddy Bettermann MD